Experiential Leadership Training for Creative Professionals 
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08 Jul 2023
8.30am PDT (UTC - 7)
Leadership Essentials Workshop
North America / Europe
3.5 hours
19 Aug 2023
8.30am AEST (UTC + 10)
Leadership Essentials Workshop
Australasia / North America
3.5 hours
09 Sept 2023
8.30am PDT (UTC - 7)
Leadership Essentials Workshop
North America / Europe
3.5 hours
Need multiple seats, or private/customised workshops?
If your organisation wants to book multiple employees on this workshop, or you'd like to discuss internal training for your team, please send us a message. We look forward to accommodating your needs!
Senior2Supe is a comprehensive leadership training program designed for creative leaders in Animation, Visual Effects, Games, and related industries.

It is packed full of valuable insights and learning opportunities for all experience levels, from senior artists through to seasoned supervisors.

We believe there is no "correct" way to lead. That's why these are interactive workshops and not lectures. Concepts are presented and exercises and dialogues are facilitated so that each individual participant has the opportunity to explore their current biases and patterns of thinking, so that everyone has the best opportunity for the learning that is most appropriate for them.

The full program consists of 4 courses featuring a total of 10 interactive and engaging online workshops with supporting material.

Each course builds upon the preceding ones, and sets participants up for success whether or not they choose to proceed to the next (though we know once they experience it they'll want more!).
Leadership Essentials is a one-off 3-hour workshop for all creative leaders from senior artists taking their first steps into leadership to highly experienced supervisors who want to explore their blind spots and continue their professional growth. We will explore the common reasons behind leadership bad habits and offer some communication and self-management tools to avoid or overcome them.

We will also introduce participants to the interactive experiential learning model used throughout the Senior2Supe program, designed to maximise learning and engagement for participants of all learning styles.

Leadership Foundations is three 2-hour workshops with a focus on who you are as a leader. Leadership success may be measured by the impact you have with your team, and the impact your team creates for the company or project, however the foundation that is built upon is you. What kind of a leader are you? What are your unique leadership strengths and challenges? How will you react under pressure? How will you stay grounded and supportive for your team at times of uncertainty.

Most toxic and unhealthy leadership practices stem from an overcompensation for insecurities encountered in leadership roles. Most great leaders have a very solid foundation in their identity as a leader. Building this foundation is the goal of these workshops.

Amplify is about how you lead your team. A great team is more than the sum of it's individual members, and a great leader knows how to amplify the impact of the whole team and of each individual member.

At the heart of amplification is communication. In these three 2-hour workshops we'll explore many perspectives on effective communication, from listening, to inspiring, to managing conflict, to giving and receiving creative and performance feedback.

Out final course, Maximise, brings everything together and straps rockets to it! In this series of three 2-hour workshops we address several of the more challenging aspects of leadership. Time management, stress management, hiring, firing, bidding, briefing, managing expectations and negotiating.

We will also have some time to discuss any observations and challenges that have arisen from the participants new awareness of their leadership style, and just as importantly to celebrate successes and encourage continued leadership growth.

All participants who successfully complete a course will receive a completions certificate and an invite to continue to the next course.

Optional Extended Discussions
Feedback from previous workshop participants was that the workshop is packed full of content and insights. We heard that several participants would appreciate more time to continue the discussion, yet we are mindful of respecting everyone's busy schedules wish to keep the workshops focused and concise.

So in addition to each workshops we are now offering an optional 1 hour facilitated discussion circle, reviewing the workshop content and further discussing practical implementation to maximise the impact you take away. 

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