Experiential Leadership Training for Creative Professionals 
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About Senior2Supe
Our experience is that most leadership training is like an all you can eat buffet. A wide range of interesting options are presented, and despite the range most people opt for the items they already know they enjoy. In other words most participants of conventional leadership training often selectively focus on the concepts that reinforce their existing patterns and biases.

Senior2Supe was created by Fred Chapman, a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach who specialises in creating a safe space for participants to be challenged and supported to consider unfamiliar perspectives, which in turn helps them make conscious choices about how they can develop and grow. We believe there are no right or wrong ways to lead, and that every leader comes to us with unique experience, unique personal strengths, and unique forms of self-sabotage very often unconsciously developed as coping strategies during their early experience of leading teams.

Our workshops are designed to create a collective experience where learning and experience can be shared between participants while each undergoes their own unique journey of discovery and empowerment. As such our workshops are valuable for all levels of leadership experience, from newly emerging leaders to highly experienced supervisors.

Senior2Supe is also uniquely customised to serve the specific needs of creative leaders in Animation, Visual Effects, Games, and related industries. We speak your language!
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About Fred
As an Executive and Leadership Coach, Fred Chapman works with creative leaders to help them clarify their goals and direction, and overcome the challenges that hold them back from maximising their success and happiness in work and in life.

As a Visual Effects and Animation professional Fred has worked in a variety of creative, technical, and leadership roles for over 20 years. His credits include Dune, Alita: Battle Angel, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and 4 of the Harry Potter movies, and many more. In 2012 he was nominated for a Visual Effects Society award for Outstanding Animated Character in a Live Action Feature Motion Picture. He is currently Head of Creature at DNEG Vancouver

Fred volunteers as a mentor for Women in Animation, and as a board member for the VES Vancouver section.

Fred is a proud husband, a trail runner, a gardener, is learning improv comedy, and makes the best pizza. Seriously, the pizza is really good!
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About Why Up Professional Development Inc.
Why Up Professional Development Inc. was founded in 2015 by Fred, with the intention of serving the professional development needs of Animation, Visual Effects, Games professionals. Fred recognised that while there are an overwhelming amount of resources of varying quality available for entry level artists, there remains a lack of high quality professional development support available to support the continuing growth of established and senior artists. Changing this status quo and normalising continuing professional develop for all industry professionals is our mission.

Today Why Up Professional Development Inc. is the parent corporation for the Senior2Supe and Growth Potential Coaching brands. As such you will see this listed on invoices and other official documentation.
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